Learning Centers:

A sample of our daily routine can be found here

Some of our Activities:

All areas of the curriculum overlap, here are some examples of concepts the children are learning about.

height, length, width, balance, spacial awareness, motor skills, coordination, concentration, cooking, baking, cleaning, creativity, multiculturalism, animals, plants, life cycles, maps, weather, numbers, letters, counting, tracing, measuring, pouring, matching, sorting, puzzles, games, reading, writing, singing, music & movement, responsibility, respect, community, nutrition

Mountains of Fun Daycare Finger painting

Our Program:

There are many key components when creating a successful routine. It is essential to keep the children stimulated during the appropriate times of the day. We believe strongly in emergent curriculum and the use of open-ended material. This concept allows the desire to learn to come from within the child. Even with a routine set in place it is important that we stay flexible and provide a child the time they need with any one activity. Not having concrete time limits can help foster creativity, concentration, independence and self-worth.

The layout is designed to have "learning centers". These sections of the room help the children to find focus and discover the different areas of curriculum all on their own. Our goal is to stimulate the senses and provide opportunities for social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth. The children learn very quickly to respect the materials and their environment with the help of a clean-up routine. They are taught and reminded that everything has its "home" and by putting things back where they "live" we will always know where to find them. Throughout the day different teacher directed/supervised activities take place at the various learning centers.

A French teacher will be brought in to provide lessons one day per week.

Hours of Operation:

7:30-5:30 Monday-Friday

Closed all statutory holidays and in between Christmas and New Years.

The centre will be closed for an additional 2 weeks throughout each calendar year. Ample notice will be given for these closures and childcare fees will be adjusted accordingly.

If your child will be arriving late or being picked up early we ask that you let us know so we can prepare accordingly.